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In an ever-changing digital marketing world, corporates have to keep their customers digitally engaged to build robust relationships to ensure higher retention rates for further monetization. Customer preferences and behavior differ from one another so must the way you communicate with them

Messaging channels such as e-mail, SMS and mobile push are the significant ways to communicate and interact directly with your customers. Marketing and campaign management platforms give you 360-degree view of your customers and help you to present each customer with the right message at the right time only if there is a seamless integration with all of your messaging channels in place.

Dispersed messaging channel approach introduces many problems such as efforts to integrate with different partner systems, maintenance, channel monitoring and deliverability.

Regardless of the campaign management platforms (Unica, Pega, SAS, SAP, Vertica etc.) or CRM applications (Microsoft Dynamics 365, Oracle, Siebel etc.) you use, portMTA is the right unified multi-channel messaging platform in your marketing stack for delivering personalized messages to any channel or device possible.

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